Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference


Conference Dates: September 21, 2019

Conference Location: Russell Union, Georgia Southern University (Statesboro Campus)

Conference Host: Division of Student Affairs, Leadership and Community Engagement

Submit Proposals: between June 10- August 24, 2019

Notification of Acceptance: presenters will be notified by August 30 if accepted for the conference.

Call for Proposals
We welcome your workshop proposals, and are thankful that you interested in the leadership development of college students. This form is intended for individuals who would like to be considered as a workshop presenter (presenting to students) at the Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference on September 21, 2019 at Georgia Southern University.

Workshop Guidelines
Workshops should be approximately 45 minutes in length with an additional 5 minutes of Q & A. Undergraduate presenters are also welcome, but a faculty/staff advisor must be identified to support the students' work. When developing proposals frame your work with the following in mind:

  • The Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference is held annually to help students improve their leadership skills by investigating leadership from a variety of perspectives. Simply put, your workshop should attempt to engage students in some form of leadership development.
  • The workshop should incorporate the conference theme in some way (see description below), but does not necessarily need to parallel any of the descriptions found in the conference theme. Some additional topics that connect well with the conference theme might include: empathy, emotional expression, building relationships, stress management, change management, adaptability, self-awareness, self-control, confidence, effective communication, and cross cultural communication. We will let you know if your workshop has been selected by September 21.

Conference Theme: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Student leaders should be developing the soft skills necessary to successfully work with others. Leadership is inherently a relational process, and relationships unavoidably involve emotional engagement. How well do you connect with others? Are you aware of the emotional information that surrounds you? Have you thought about the way you manage your emotions? Join us as we explore important questions at the intersection of emotional intelligence and leadership.

Workshop Audience
The audience is primarily undergraduate students who are interested in developing as leaders. This proposal form is not intended for presentations focused on developing professional staff or faculty. The purpose of the conference is to "to help students improve their leadership skills by investigating leadership from a variety of perspectives."

Submit Proposal
Before you begin your submission, please be sure you have the following items:

  • Presentation title
  • Presenter/s information (Name, Title, Email, Organization)
  • Presentation Description (Less than 150 words)
  • Learning Objectives

Submit Proposal

1. Click Submit Proposal.
2. Create a Digital Commons Account.
3. Fill in the proposal form and click on Submit.

Accepted presenters for Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference are encouraged to submit your presentation materials by e-mail to and they will post within three business days.

E-mail Presentation Materials

Why Submit Your Presentation? More exposure for your work! Presentations are searchable through Google, and you will receive reports showing how many people have downloaded your presentation. You can also apply a Creative Commons License to your presentation, which controls how people can use your presentation materials.

What can you upload? PowerPoint Slides, papers, handouts, video, audio, and any other documents you used during your presentation.

Need Help? Email for help on submitting proposals and presentations. If you have questions about the conference (ex. registration), please visit the Conference Homepage for further information including contact numbers and emails.

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