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Henry Rootes Jackson-lawyer, soldier, diplomat, poet. Born in 1820 in Athens, Georgia and died on May 23, 1898. Jackson was Colonol of the Irish Jasper Greens during the Mexican War. In 1823, he was appointed U.S. District Attorney for the state of Georgia. President Pierce appointed him Minister to Austria in 1853. A delegate to the Charleston and Baltimore Conventions of 1860. He fought for the Confederate Army during the War of Secession. Afterwards, he returned to Savannah to continue his association in the law firm of Jackson, Lawton & Basinger. Appointed Minister to Mexico by President Cleveland in 1885, he served until 1887. He was president of the Georgia Historical Society from 1875 until his death in 1898. Married first to Cornelia Augusta Davenport then to Florence Barclay King. His book of poems entitled Tallulah and Other Poems, was published in 1850.

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Henry Rootes Jackson