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Richard Dennis, son of John Dennis and Mary Jacque (maiden name), was born in the state of New Jersey in 1770. During Richard's lifetime he made his way south into the state of Georgia where he established himself within Savannah as a merchant. By 1800 Dennis was fully active in the local business society and town government. If duty called then.Richard Dennis answered because, not only was he a successful merchant but Dennis was appointed commander of the local Savannah militia.

Dennis had fruitful ten year period in Savannah until for one reason and another he evacuated the city. Sources support the idea that Dennis ventured into states such as Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Whatever his reason was for leaving he did in fact continue his career as a merchant. On 8 November 1845, after three marriages and the births of three children, Richard Dennis died in the state of Kentucky.

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A Biography of Richard Dennis (1770-1845)