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John H. Haupt, who financed construction of the house at 113 E. Oglethorpe Avenue (Lot 13, Franklin Ward), was born in St. Augustine, Florida about August, 1780. In 1802, at the age of twenty-two, he married Rebecca Lavender of Savannah. He had moved to Savannah sometime previous to his marriage, probably with his presumed father, John Haupt, a baker. As a young man, Haupt was quite a character, defaulting n taxes several times before running for Receiver of the Tax Returns in 1811, a position for which he was defeated. This defeat marked the beginning of a somewhat less than successful career running for public office. He ran for county coroner in 1828 and in 1834 and was defeated both times. At one point, he was elected district justice of the peace, running without opposition. In the "behind-the-scenes" political world, Haupt was more successful, being a leader in the Chatham County Union and States Rights Association during the 1830's.

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Summer 1975

John Haupt-His Life and Geneology