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Around the year 1850, Mr. John E. Hernandez, his wife Josephine Hernandez and their children, Alonzo and Eliza Agnes moved into a modest two-story wooden-framed house on 82 Liberty Street. Prior to their move to Savannah, the Hernandez family were residents of Fernandina Florida. On their arrival at Savannah, John was 33 years old, his wife Josaphine 22, his son Alonzo 12, and his daughter Eliza Agnes 5. Due to the age difference between mother and son, it is evident that one spouse may have been married before. This fact cannot be verified, however, due to the complication of obtaining information from Fernandino. It was here in Savannah that John established a confectionary below his residence. For thirty years Mr. Hernan­dez provided Savannah ' s citizens with a large assortment of confectionary goods. His business proved to be financially successful at the time of his death on April 23, 1881. Mr. Hernandez's business, at his demise, was worth an accumulated net value of $90,00.00.

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Summer 1977

John E. Hernandez