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John Morel is among those of consequence in the early history of the Georgia Colony at Savannah. The eldest son of Peter Morel, he was born in Savannah at the dawn of the colony. He was a man of property, a man of letters, a merchant and a sea island planter. He was active in governmental affairs and was a patriot in the early days of the Revolutionary War. He was a member of Christ Church, the mother Church of the colony. During his brief lifetime of forty-three years, he was married twice and was the father of eleven children. In his will, written from "Bewlie" on the Vernon River, June 1774, John Morel bequeathed an extensive estate including Ossabaw Island, property in Savannah and at Yamacraw, property on the great Ogeechee and on the Vernon to his four sons. He provided amply for his wife during her widowhood, and left substantial dowries to his daughters. His descendants continue to live in Savannah and to take an interest in the life of. the city.

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A Biographical Sketch of John Morel (1733-1776)