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In 1863 Andrew J. Miller was owner and manager of A. J. Miller & Company - cabinet makers and undertaker which changed to a furniture store in 1871. Mr. Miller and his associates applied in 1875 for a charter incorporating them as a body under the name of Merchants and Mechantics Mutual Loan Company. On December 30, 1878, Andrew Miller declared bankruptcy in the District Court - the extent of that bankruptcy is unknown. He was a member of Trinity Methodist Church, served as a fireman, and served as a director on the Home Insurance Co., Georgia Mutual Loan Asso­ciation, and Merchants and Mechanics Mutual Loan Company boards. ln 1852 Andrew J. married Elizabeth Fourshly and fathered six children, Meeker T., Clayton P., R.E.L, Jefferson, Georgia E. and Walter Paramore - four of which survive to adulthood. Between the years 1864 to 1873, Miller's first wife dies and in 1876 he marries Mrs. Lucinda Trotty. Between the years 1888 to 1891 Andrew Miller either leaves Savannah or dies.

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A Look at Andrew J. Miller