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John Joseph McDonough was born in 1849 and died in 1926, but in between

those years he was very busy and productive. He started working at his

father's lumber mill, continued by being involved in six major businesses of his own, plus director to a few more, and ended up with a single lumber and machine business. He also seems to have ended up with only one son to carry on his name, but not any of his businesses. At the same time he was actively involved in Savannah government (1887·l895) he was also very active in real estate, John J. made a very good mayor of Savannah. He was known for enforcement of the Sunday Laws, improving the police force, facilitating the switch to an artesian well water supply, promoting railroad development, deepening the Savannah harbor to 26 feet, and trying to prove the city's sanitation problems. He was also known for promoting the development of Tybee Beach, seeing as how he had bought a lot of property there for the railroad to use. ..

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Winter 1984

John Joseph McDonough