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Abraham Webster Scribner was a Savannah shoe merchant of the early nineteenth century. He was born around 1785, and died on September 19, 1817 at age 32. Scribner married Margaret S. Williams on November 8, 1808. He was 23 years of age and she was 16 years of age. The Scribners had two children, Sarah Har­mon, and Benjamin James. Both children died at age 4, Sarah in 1814 and Benjamin in 1816. Scribner's wife, Margaret, died at age 25, in 1817 just five months before his death. In the six or seven year span of Scribner's business ac­ tivities noted herein, a steady rise and an unsuccessful end may be seen. But, because of the early date involved, little concise actual information is available. There are pieces to this puzzle that are missing, and they will always will be, but a reasonably accurate account is found within.

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Summer 1976

Abraham Webster Scribner