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John A. Staley was an interesting man, a versatile and somewhat controversial character. Born in Georgia in 1813, he served as Justice of the Peace, from the third District, from 1857 to 1866. Mr. Staley was seldom employed in the same profession for any length of time. Besides his terra as Justice of the Peace, only his length of service as Sherriff of Chatham County is of any real interest. Mr. Staley probably married in the middle l830's or early l840's, though there is nothing; to substantiate these dates. The relationship between Staley and his wife, Jane Williams Staley was not always a happy one. In1871, Mrs. Staley was involved in the stabbing of a woman who apparently had been having an affair with her husband. Fortunately for Mrs. Staley, the woman lived. However, I was unable to find any record, of legal action, taken against her.

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Summer 1975

A History of the John A Staley Family