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Oliver Sturges was born in Fairfied, Connecticut, in 1777 the son of the Honorable Johnathan Sturges, L.L.D., a member of the Congress under the Confederation. Oliver and his wife Eliza Neal arrived in Savannah, via Augusta, in late 1802, Oliver quickly established himself in the merchant business and also rather quickly began to serve in City government. His work with the Free Hospital and Poor House and his involvement with the Presbyterian Church suggest a solid Christian, humanitarian life. His involvement as Director of the State Bank of Georgia, Planters Bank, and United States Branch Bank of Savannah, suggest a business sense necessary in the life of a thriving merchant. Ultimately, Oliver's mark will be made by his involvement in the first steamship crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1819. Unfortunately for Oliver, the depression of 1819-1822 weighted heavily on this hard working man. While other Savannah New Englander's recovered from this lull, Oliver only suffered)and suffered, and died in 1824.

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Biography of Oliver Sturges