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Hyman Wallace Witcover was born in Darlington, S.C. on July 16, 1871. At a young age-in 1888-Witcover began a lengthy tenure as a draftsmen for Savannah Architect A. S. Eichberg. In 1900 became himself an architect. Some of his more notable works in Savannah include the Savannah City Hall, the Public Library, Sacred Heart Church, the National Bank Building and the Scottish Rite Temple at Bull and Charlton Streets. As an architect , he was a member of the Savannah Society of Architects and the American Institute of Architects. Witcover distinguished career as an architect is excelled only be his long affiliation with the Scottish Rite Masonry and his extensive involvement in the educational and cultural betterment of Savannah. As a Freemason, he became the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for Georgia in 1911. Once eligible for Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction in 1914, he did in 1923 enjoy the privilege to serve on the Supreme Council as Secretary General. With the death of his Savannah wife, Agnes Dillon Witcover, in 1932 and ill health, he resigned his high post in 1934 and returned to Darlington. He died there after a long illness on the evening og October 2, 1936.

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Winter 1982

Hyman Wallace Witcover: An Inconclusive Biography