Using a Delayed Match-to-Sample Task to Further Investigate the Isolated Processing of Geometric Shapes and Their Corresponding Shape Words

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Recently, Sturz, Edwards, and Boyer (2014) investigated the isolated processing of geometric shapes and their corresponding shape words using a delayed match-to-sample (DMTS) paradigm. They obtained an asymmetric pattern of interference, such that shape words interfered with identifying geometric shapes but geometric shapes did not interfere with identifying shape words. The present experiments attempted to replicate and extend these results. Experiment 1 investigated the possibility that the asymmetric pattern of interference resulted from a greater saliency of shape words compared to geometric shapes. Increasing the saliency of the geometric shapes did not appear to influence performance as we obtained an asymmetrical pattern of interference, replicating the previous finding. Experiment 2 attempted to force all processing through a linguistic network by reversing the matching criteria (match shapes to shape words and shape words to shapes). Under these conditions, we obtained a symmetric pattern of interference. Collectively, these results provide further converging evidence for the isolated processing of geometric shapes and their corresponding shape words.


Comparative Cognition Society’s International Conference on Comparative Cognition (CCS)


Melbourne, FL