Review of Christopher L. Gibson's "Movement-Driven Development: The Politics of Health and Democracy in Brazil"

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Social Forces


There is increased scholarly attention towards understanding the develop-ment of social policies and welfare-regimes in the Global South.Theoretical models derived from the experiences of advanced, industrial-ized economies often have limited applicability for resource-poor or industrializ-ing countries, many of whom have witnessed dual and, often times, contradictorydemands in recent decades: electoral democracy along with various citizenshiprights has become the norm, while the rise of a globalized economy predicated onneoliberal arrangements often constrain resources and options available for statesto implement programs necessary to uphold these rights. These contradictorypressures is especially salient in the area of health. Most constitutions throughoutthe world include a right to health, yet the basis for a healthy life, including boththe social conditions and healthcare services, often replicate entrenched domesticinequities.