Dragon-Elephant Relationship in the South China Sea Imbroglio

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Journal of Third World Studies




This article paper will not only survey the significance of the South China Sea in terms of its strategic location, oil resources, economic and marine biological diversity; but will also review competing over-lapping claims to the sea area by different countries, potential territorial disputes among the countries, and finally analyze the role of the Dragon-Elephant duo in the region. The string of pearls is one of the most important world trade routes. And any disturbance in this region will draw the attention of countries like the US, Japan, and India. It is very likely that China will be extremely cautious in protecting its string, and will wage wars with any state that tries to stop it from controlling that string. If leaders contemplate militarizing these "pearls," it would be difficult for Beijing to convince South Asian counterparts that hosting PLAN bases is in their best interests. However, there are serious doubts about the feasibility of such a plan.