Building Cross-Cultural Relationships

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Presented at the Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference

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Even in the face of increasing trade wars between the world's great powers, demands for keen cultural understanding in 21st century work-life are already high and only expected to grow. Language barriers, nonverbal communication differences, diverging communication styles, unpredictable behavior, and diverging values can derail the best uni-culturally laid plans. This workshop details some of the organizational, planning, and management challenges -- as well as their emotional expressions -- that occur in cross-cultural work environments. In this workshop, we will discuss contending philosophies and strategies for cross cultural management, covering the positivist, interpretivist, and critical approaches. Participants will conduct a cross-cultural project planning simulation and reflect on lessons learned from their experience.

Presentation Learning Objectives

On attending this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Outline the contending approaches to cross-cultural management
  • Identify differences between the participant's and at least one other culture in a given project setting
  • Share practices for working in a cross-cultural team
  • Create project plans that are aligned to cross-cultural best practices
  • Create lessons learned about cross-cultural practices


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Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference


Statesboro, GA