Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Date

Summer 6-23-2023


This paper explores the challenges warehouse operations face in meeting customer demand and managing rapid growth, focusing on the role of forklift operators. Despite their versatility and importance in warehouse operations, forklifts are also a significant safety concern, with thousands of work-related injuries and fatalities recorded annually. The paper presents findings from a literature review on the factors related to forklift operator safety and efficiency, including energy consumption, training, the Internet of Things, ergonomics, and human factors such as worker fatigue. The study aims to develop a methodological framework to enhance the efficiency and safety of forklift operators by integrating these factors. The research questions addressed in the study are related to the techniques used to measure forklift operator safety and productivity. The paper highlights the need for prioritizing preventative measures, such as training, facility layout, and technological advancements, to reduce the likelihood of injuries from this type of equipment and provides a framework to build the human digital twin of the forklift operator.

Publication Title

Progress in Material Handling Research