Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Date

Summer 6-21-2023


In this paper, we present a new layout arrangement that we call the central backup cellular manufacturing systems (CBCMS). The CBCMS organization is inspired by the concept of the remainder cell in Group technology (GT) systems where the idea is to allocate products that are not easily partitioned in the parts-machine incidence matrix to the remainder cell through a cell that contains all process capabilities. The fractal cell layout can be thought of as replications of the remainder cell in the GT concept. The GT layout represents an efficient approach under certain static conditions, while the fractal layout represents a flexible approach that better deals with uncertainties. The objective of this paper is to explore how a designer can manage variability arising from internal and external disturbances in manufacturing systems while designing a layout and in doing so, to show that the CBCMS provides a framework to unify GT and fractal layouts.

Publication Title

Progress in Material Handling Research