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This article explores the quality level of the parameters that are used to determine the throughput performance of the warehouse. In our model case, this is a rack warehouse where the storage and picking of goods is ensured by forklifts. All kind of goods are stored on pallets. The aim of our research is to assess to what extent the quality level (accuracy) of the description of warehouse processes influences the accuracy of the determination of the throughput performance of the warehouse. In the first part of the article, we defined the parameters and the ways in which different levels of quality can be obtained for the values of these parameters. These include, for example, acceleration and deceleration values of the forklift truck and the speed of the forklift, with and without the goods. To obtain these values, measurements were taken directly in the warehouse. In the next part of the paper, attention is paid to the value of the difference in the results in the determination of the throughput performance assuming the different quality of the description of the warehouse processes. In particular, the relationship between the significance of the difference and the difficulty of obtaining exact parameters with a higher level of quality level is investigated. This relationship will help in practice to determine the extent to which inventory processes need to be described as accurately as possible and where different forms of simplification can be used without the resulting throughput performance being determined with a significant error or deviation. By comparing the level of process description quality, it is also possible to identify the parameters that influence the accuracy of the throughput performance more closely.


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Progress in Material Handling Research