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In this study, we present an analytical model based tool that can estimate critical performance measures from a pre-defined shuttle-based storage and retrieval system (SBS/RS) design. SBS/RS is relatively a new automated storage and retrieval technology and mostly used for mini-load material handling. In this study, we develop an open queuing network model based tool estimating critical performance measures: the mean travel time of lifts/shuttles, utilization of lifts/shuttles, amount of energy consumption and energy regeneration per transaction, waiting times and number of jobs waiting in queues, etc., from a pre-defined SBS/RS design. By the developed tool, one can evaluate an SBS/RS design’s performance promptly by changing the input design parameters (e.g., distance between two adjacent bays/tiers, velocity of vehicles, acceleration/deceleration of vehicles, number of tiers, number of bays, number of aisles, arrival rates, weight of totes, etc.) in these systems.


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Progress in Material Handling Research