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Many companies, which deal with warehousing, optimize their warehouses. The main business of these companies is to offer to customers the warehousing services. It is possible to note that these companies are specialized in warehousing. On the other hand, we can find companies, which have as the main business the selling of goods to customers. These companies use the warehouses too but in a little bit different way. The arrangement of their warehouses can be very unsuitable and convenient for optimization. Our paper is focused on optimization of stored goods’ locations based on market basket analysis. The solution of this task is known as well but not so many authors deal with it. A common problem for many companies is to find sets of products that are sold together. As the source of these information the history of sales transactions is used. The process of the data preparation is mentioned in this paper. The steps described in this paper are applied on real retail store.


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Progress in Material Handling Research: 2014