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Reproducible and quantitative reasoning as the foundation for high-quality planning processes evolves to be key to achieve high quality of speed for logistical processes. This article strives to fulfill this demand by developing a coherent heuristics for the planning of pallet storage systems. The heuristics uses quantitative approaches provided by the available literature. In case of nonexistent sources, the missing components are developed and integrated. To be applicable in an industrial environment, the comparison and assessment of the created implementation alternatives is mainly monetary based. The heuristics follows a modular structure to achieve adaptability and extensibility. It explicitly does not intend to replace a human designer but to support him during the creation and assessment of high-quality design alternatives. A concluding case study evaluates the practical applicability of the heuristics and its created solutions. The review of the heuristics turns out to be positive. As a consequence, extension and improvement tasks are proposed.


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Progress in Material Handling Research: 2014