Tunable Full-Color Emitting BaMg2Al6Si9O30:Eu2+, Tb3+, Mn2+ Phosphors Based on Energy Transfer

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Inorganic Chemistry




A series of single-phase full-color emitting BaMg2Al6Si9O30:Eu2+, Tb3+, Mn2+ phosphors has been synthesized by solid-state reaction. Energy transfer from Eu2+ to Tb3+ and Eu2+ to Mn2+in BaMg2Al6Si9O30 host matrix is studied by luminescence spectra and energy-transfer efficiency and lifetimes. The wavelength-tunable white light can be realized by coupling the emission bands centered at 450, 542, and 610 nm ascribed to the contribution from Eu2+ and Tb3+ and Mn2+, respectively. By properly tuning the relative composition of Tb3+/Mn2+, chromaticity coordinates of (0.31, 0.30), high color rendering index Ra = 90, and correlated color temperature (CCT) = 5374 K can be achieved upon excitation of UV light. Thermal quenching properties reveal that BaMg2Al6Si9O30: Eu2+, Tb3+, Mn2+ exhibits excellent characteristics even better than that of YAG:Ce. Our results indicate our white BaMg2Al6Si9O30:Eu2+, Tb3+, Mn2+ can serve as a key material for phosphor-converted light-emitting diode and fluorescent lamps.