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Light: Science & Applications




Phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes for indoor illumination need to be warm-white (i.e., correlated color temperature <4000 >K) with good color rendition (i.e., color rendering index >80). However, no single-phosphor, single-emitting-center-converted white light-emitting diodes can simultaneously satisfy the color temperature and rendition requirements due to the lack of sufficient red spectral component in the phosphors’ emission spectrum. Here, we report a new yellow Ba0.93Eu0.07Al2O4phosphor that has a new orthorhombic lattice structure and exhibits a broad yellow photoluminescence band with sufficient red spectral component. Warm-white emissions with correlated color temperature 80 were readily achieved when combining the Ba0.93Eu0.07Al2O4 phosphor with a blue light-emitting diode (440–470 nm). This study demonstrates that warm-white light-emitting diodes with high color rendition (i.e., color rendering index >80) can be achieved based on single-phosphor, single-emitting-center conversion.


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