Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Pump Laser Induced Thermal Damage for Polycrystalline Ceramic and Crystal Nd:YAG

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Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics


—Continuous wave 808-nm pump laser induced thermal damage of polycrystalline ceramic and crystalline Nd:YAG materials were investigated both experimentally and theoretically in this paper. The measured temperature agrees well with the theoretical simulation and the maximum hoop stress occurs on the incident facet of the end pumped rod at about √2 times of the pump beam radius w0 , where the temperature gradient is the highest and the damage occurs first. The pumping laser power makes no influence on the maximum hoop stress location, when the position of the laser beam is unchanged. The thermal damage investigation indicates that the transparent ceramic Nd:YAG has greater resistance than thermal fracture and it is 64% higher than that of the crystals.