The Classroom in Transition: Latest Results from Georgia Southern University

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Presentation given at National AAPT Meeting


The physics classroom is in transition at Georgia Southern Univ. The Physics Department is in the process of transforming its classrooms to the Studio Physics model. One model classroom, capable of serving up to 48 students at once, has already been converted at some expense and is already in use. Because of budget restraints and construction time considerations it is estimated that full conversion of all physics classrooms will not take place until 2010. In the meantime, the majority of the classrooms remain in the traditional format. A hybrid method, intermediate to the full Studio Physics model, is presented that brings interactive engagement to the traditional classroom. This method uses an overhead projector, transparencies, a laptop hooked up to a radio transceiver, student response clickers, and web-based homework system to implement Peer Instruction with Just in Time Teaching. New results from the completed Spring 2007 semester will be discussed.


National AAPT Meeting


Greensboro, NC

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