The following citations represent the full-text presentations by the department’s faculty during their employment with Georgia Southern. For the full list of a faculty member’s publications and presentations, visit his or her SelectedWorks site.

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Submissions from 2016

Submicron Surface Plasmon Biosensors for Glucose Concentration Assessment, Susan B. Klein, Nazanin Mosavian, John Jenkins, Jonathan D. Vo, Dragos Amarie, and James A. Glazier

Submissions from 2013


Research Participants Discuss STEM Conference Participation and Impact on Thinking and Practice, Colleen Beyer, Thomas Koballa, Delena B. Gatch, Leslie S. Jones, Sharmista Basu-Dutt, and Farooq Khan


Effects of an Intensive New Faculty Workshop on Teaching, Delena B. Gatch, Michelle Cawthorn, and Joy W. Darley


Effects on Teaching of an Intensive Summer New Faculty Workshop, Delena Bell Gatch, Michelle Cawthorn, and Joy W. Darley

Images from 2011


Students' Academic Motivations in Allied Health Classes, Trent W. Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Gatch, Padmini Shankar, and Diana Sturges


Restructuring Introductory Physics by Adapting a Studio Model, Krystal M. Ramos and Delena Bell Gatch