Interview with Angus McLeod and John Meeks


Interview with Angus McLeod and John Meeks


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Location of Interview

Ogeechee River, Richmond Hill, Bryan County (Ga.)

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Length of Interview

144 minutes


Ogeechee Riverkeeper


Film locations, Glory, Fishing, Stripers, Indentured servants, Irishmen, Rice plantations, Smuggling, Marijuana, Shrimp boats, Go fast boats, Bear Island, Gold coins, Savannah gray brick, Rice canals, Orange canal, McLeod Mill, Arnold plantation, Rice coast, Scottish immigrants, Potato famine, Strathy hall house, Commander McAllister home, Fort McAllister, Rainier, Native American pottery, Native Americans, Indian villages, Shrimp boats, Silver fox, Starland creek, Briarwood, Legend of Sallets head, Lieutenant French, Fort Morris, Wreck divers, Colonel John White, Revolutionary War, Lighthorse Lee, International Paper wood yard, Henry Ford estate, Hyacinth, Starling creek, Shad fishing, Sturgeon fishing, Starling creek, Cherry Hill plantation, Pokies, Crab bait, Internal revenue, JM Sikes, King’s Ferry, Georgetown, Tupelo, Ogeecheenessa Tupelo, Spider lily, Alligators, Cherry Hill mill, Movie locations, Birth of a Nation cabins, Cane syrup, Cherry hill, Rice farming, Arnold family, Bryan county, Plantations, Sugar cane, Welcome Arnold, Mentorships, Craftsman, Silk, Sweetgum, Tongue oil tree, Rice fields, Friday hill, Slave row.


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Interview with Angus McLeod and John Meeks