“Improve your ABC’s Achievement-Behavior-Climate for Students At Risk”


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Robert L. Kirton, Chief Educational Officer, DNA Educational Solutions and Support, Greensboro, GA

After more than 3 decades of dedicated community, military and public education service, Dr. Robert L. Kirton has retired from public service and is now nationally available and committed to working with and supporting educational institutions to increase student achievement and success.

Dr. Kirton served as the Chief Education Officer, architect and one of the founders of the nationally acclaimed Richland One Middle College (ROMC) and the DNA Educational Solutions and Support System. He is also the founder of the Brotherhood of Achievers Determined and Dedicated aka “The Brotherhood”. Dr. Kirton served as a Post Graduate Professor, Chief Education Officer, Executive Director of Schools, Principal, Coach and Teacher. He is an author, consultant, motivational speaker, a trained Leadership and Teambuilding Facilitator, Licensed contractor and Master Craftsman.

Dr. Kirton is a working member of several state and national associations representing community, educational and youth organizations. His work has been recognized at the grassroots and national levels. He has done contributing work and research in the area of Innovative Program Development; Motivational Counseling and Behavioral Intervention Models; At-Risk Students; Single gender Education; Career and Technology Education; as well as School and Community Relations. Dr. Kirton’s more than three decades of documented success includes a cumulative graduation and placement rate above 95%. He has been awarded and implemented more than $100 Million Dollars in Grants and Resources. In 2012 the District/Technical College sponsored public charter school he established graduated 100% of their Black Male Students. He also received that national FBI Director's Award for Community Development. Dr. Kirton is results driven and passionate about student Achievement and Success!

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ABC model, Achievement-Behavior-Climate, Achievement, Behavior, School climate, At-risk students

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3-7-2016 1:15 PM

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3-7-2016 2:30 PM

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“Improve your ABC’s Achievement-Behavior-Climate for Students At Risk”

Scarbrough 3

Featured Speaker session.