Department Chair: Sharon G. Radzyminski

The School of Nursing, through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service, provides comprehensive and innovative nursing programs that promote health and quality of life using a global perspective. The School’s hallmark is a culture of caring in which faculty, staff, and students embrace the core values of holism, diversity, social and ethical accountability, transcultural competence, leadership, and citizenship.

Central to the nationally accredited School’s mission is the faculty’s commitment to excellence in graduate and undergraduate nursing education. Within a student-centered environment, the faculty promotes critical thinking and competence in evidence-based nursing practice. The highly qualified and diverse graduates of the academic programs meet nursing-related health needs and address both health and health care disparities with an emphasis on rural and other vulnerable populations.

Through collaboration and a process of engagement, faculty, staff, and students within the School of Nursing serve the university, the community, practice environments, and the nursing profession. Scholarly activities and dissemination of knowledge address vulnerable populations, health promotion, and nursing education.


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