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Georgia Southern University, Newsroom Archives, COE, College of Education, Edcamp, Educational training, Learning experiences, K-12 educators, Lacey Huffling, Michelle Reidel, Mary Alice, Bilinda Sikes, Christine Jackson, Paige Sutcliff, Hollie Sisk, Jessica Blanton, Jodie Wallis, Lexi Tanner, Edward Bujak, Scientific field station, Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land, Armstrong State University, Effingham Wetlands, Jaime Hebert, College of Science and Mathematics, St. Augustine Creek, Martha Abell, Stephen Vives, Kelly Pope, Charles McMillen, Georgia Conservatory, STPAL, Bill Jones

Main Headlines

  • COE EdCamp draws record numbers
  • Georgia Southern University establishes first scientific fied station on 1,400-acree gift Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land


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