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Georgia Southern University, Newsroom Archives, Harley Strickland, Miss Georgia Southern 2016, Megan Johnson, Scholarship, Pageant, Katherine Reid, McCaulea Read, Tara Smith, Teyaijah Givens, Whitney Thornton, Eagles For Eagles, Wesley Guy, Shelli Akins, Marc Galvin, Cyndi Rogers, Tavares Jones, Quickit, Kristi Bryant, Parking and Transportation, Tristan Steele, Jeremy Davis, Clay Johnson, Davis and Johnson present The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

Main Headlines

  • Harley Strickland wins title of Miss Georgia Southern 2016
  • Georgia Southern offers new way to pay tickets through Quickit
  • 'Davis & Johnson present The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra' takes the stage at the Performing Arts Center on Feb. 9


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