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Georgia Southern University, My News, Marketing, Communications, Harley Strickland, Miss Georgia Southern 2016, 68th annual scholarship pageant, University Programming Board, Comedian Kevin Breel, TED talk, "Confessions of a Depressed Comic", 2016 Recyclemania competition, Center for Sustainability, The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra', Jeremy Davis, Clay Johnson, American Heart Month, Feed the Mosasaur, ‘A Taste of Thailand’, GSInfo Community


  • Harley Strickland crowned Miss Georgia Southern 2016
  • Comedian Kevin Breel discusses mental health
  • Georgia Southern joins 2016 Recyclemania competition
  • 'Davis & Johnson present The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra' at the PAC Feb. 9
  • Celebrate American Heart Month with AED training
  • Georgia Southern magazine coming to faculty and staff
  • Feed the Mosasaur brings ‘A Taste of Thailand’ to Georgia Southern


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