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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, My News, University Awards of Excellence, Nipuna Ambanpola, Stuart Tedders, Robin Thompson, Cyber Security Training, Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art, Online exhibition, Juried, EAGLE academy


  • University Awards of Excellence recipients announced
  • The power of people: alumnus global nonprofit serves at-risk population in pandemic
  • Georgia Southern University names Stuart Tedders as dean of Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
  • Providing for a school’s needs during a time of change: the story of an instructional technology specialist
  • 2020 USG required Cyber Security Training course now available
  • Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art hosts online exhibition ‘Juried 2020’
  • EAGLE Academy students seize distance learning as a new opportunity to prepare for the digital world


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