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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, My News, Staff professional development conference, Safe Space, Training, LGBTQ+, MyHelp, Department of Human Resources, Community service, On the Verge, STEM, Boys and Girls club, Our Lost Years, Mark Finlay Memorial Lecture, Volleyball, Women's soccer


  • Staff Professional Development Conference
  • Safe Space (LGBTQ+) training for faculty and staff
  • Human Resources MyHelp is launching next Monday
  • Georgia Southern students performed more than 46,000 hours of community service last year
  • "On the Verge" concert series makes Armstrong Campus debut
  • Georgia Southern professors mentor students at Boys and Girls Club of Statesboro, enhance STEM literacy with weeklong study
  • Georgia Southern presents "Our Lost Years" at annual Mark Finlay Memorial Lecture
  • Volleyball and Women's Soccer to host home events


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