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Georgia Southern University, Karl Peace, Karen Phipps, Deen Day Smith Service to Mankind Awards, Statesboro Herald, Humanitarian of the Year, Cynthia Johnson, Georgia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Leader Award, GAFCS, Family and consumer sciences, Karen Jones, Arlene Fitts Winfrey, Elisabeth Hardy, Aiken County Teacher of the Year, College of Education, South Carolina Teacher of the Year Honor Court, Miss Georgia Southern University, Victoria Murry, Miss Georgia, Pageant, Miss America, People's Choice


  • Peace, Phipps receive awards at annual gala
  • Cynthia Johnson, Ph.D., receives award for work in family and consumer sciences

  • COE alumna to serve on South Carolina Teacher of the Year Honor Court for 2017

  • 7 Eagles to compete in Miss Georgia Pageant


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