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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, Senior leadership, Jaime Hebert, 2017 Spring Commencement, Swim safety, College of Public Health, Chris Rustin, Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Arianna Archer, College of Education, National Science Foundation, Molly Hopper, Lindsey Snowden, Master of Arts in Teaching, Double Eagle, Donna Wiggins, Excellence in Teaching award, Alumna, CLASS, Edcamp, Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land, Armstrong State University


  • Appointment of Senior Leadership Team announced for the new Georgia Southern University
  • Thousands of Georgia Southern graduates soar to new heights during Spring Commencement ceremonies
  • Swim safely with advice from faculty expert in College of Public Health
  • 19-year-old JPHCOPH student earns Bachelor of Science this May
  • COE masters candidates to participate in research through National Science Foundation
  • Double Eagle Donna Wiggins, Ph.D., receives Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • COE Edcamp draws record numbers
  • Georgia Southern University establishes first scientific field station on 1,400-acre gift from Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land


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