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January 2015

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Music Performance Research


MIDI wind controllers (MWCs) have existed for over 20 years, buttheir use as a tool in wind instrument research has received little attention. Thepurpose of this investigation was to examine the validity and practicality of usingan MWC in wind performance research. Validity was examined by determiningthe consistency between performances on an MWC and on a clarinet orsaxophone. Practicality was assessed by determining the duration of practicetime by single reed players on an MWC. Following a pilot study involving fourclarinettists and two saxophonists, nine participants practised and performedwarm‐ups, scales, and a melodic excerpt on an MWC for four days. Performanceswere analysed for warm‐up time, practice time, pitch accuracy, and duration.Warm‐up and practice times were reasonable relative to total study sessiondurations. Results indicated MWCs are a practical and valid proxy in research forsaxophonists. For clarinettists without saxophone experience, appropriatemusical tasks are limited to playing passages in the key of C. Areas of researchthat could benefit from the use of MWCs are dynamics, micro‐timing, and musicmotorlearning.