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Publication Date

January 2014

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Journal of Music Teacher Education




Band and choral preservice teachers (N = 44) studied band and choral scores, listenedto recordings of school ensembles, and identified errors in the recordings. Resultsindicated that preservice teachers identified significantly more errors when listeningto recordings of their primary area (band majors listening to band, p = .045; choralmajors listening to chorus, p = .012). Furthermore, band majors identified rhythmerrors more frequently than pitch errors when listening to both types of ensembles,while chorus majors listened predominantly for pitch errors. A significant correlationexisted between choral majors’ ability to detect pitch errors in choral recordingsand their ability to detect pitch errors in band recordings (r = .556). Theory coursegrades were not significantly correlated to error detection abilities, but aural skillscourse grades were related to ability to identify pitch errors outside the primary area(band majors, r = .441; choral majors, r = .611).