Music and the Brain for Musicians


Music and the Brain for Musicians


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Georgia Southern faculty member, Laura A. Stambaugh authored Music and the Brain for Musicians.


Musicians do amazing things. The wonders aren’t limited to the sounds they create. The wonders are also found in their brains. Music and the Brain for Musicians is a gateway for musicians to learn about the cognition and neuroscience that enables them to be outstanding performers. The book is situated in current theory and research but written for an audience who is less familiar with research jargon. The audience for Music and the Brain for Musicians is musicians of all kinds, music teachers, graduate and undergraduate students in music and psychology, and anyone who wants to learn how to apply research to practice.

The book is in three parts. Part I introduces music cognition: how people perceive and understand musical aspects such as pitch, rhythm, memory, performing, and emotion. Each chapter summarizes key theoretical viewpoints and findings, while highlighting studies relevant to performing musicians. Part II revisits these topics from the perspective of neuroscience: which parts of the brain are involved in specific musical behaviors and how these regions work together. Part III is a call to action for musicians to make meaningful contributions to research about music performance, learning, neuroscience, and health. A sample of a project from a collaborative team of musicians shows how to manage roles and responsibilities for successful research study.

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Conway Publications

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Music and the Brain for Musicians
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