A Liquid Spring-Magnetorheological Damper System Under Combined Axial and Shear Loading for Three-Dimensional Seismic Isolation of Structures

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Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures






This study focuses on experimental investigation of a fail-safe, bi-linear, liquid spring magnetorheological damper system for a three-dimensional earthquake isolation system. The device combines the controllable magnetorheological damping, fail-safe viscous damping, and liquid spring features in a single unit serving as the vertical component of a building isolation system. The bi-linear liquid spring feature provides two different stiffnesses in compression and rebound modes. The higher stiffness in the rebound mode prevents a possible overturning of the structure during rocking mode. For practical application, the device is to be stacked together along with the traditional elastomeric bearings that are currently used to absorb the horizontal ground excitations. An experimental setup is designed to reflect the real-life loading conditions. The 1/4th-scale device is exposed to combined dynamic axial loading (reflecting vertical seismic excitation) and constant shear force that are up to 245 and 28 kN, respectively. The results demonstrate that the device performs successfully under the combined axial and shear loadings and compare well with the theoretical calculations.