Experimental and FEM Analysis of Three Carbon Steel Characterization Under Quasi-Static Strain Rate for Bumper Beam Application

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MATEC Web Conference






This paper investigates the mechanical behavior of three selected steel materials which are considered to be the bulk material of front most bumper beam of a vehicle that is suddenly loaded in the quasi-static range. Thirty-six constant strain rate uniaxial tension tests were performed. The test was performed on a HUALONG electro-hydraulic universal testing machine at four strain rates (3.33 × 10-3,3.33 × 10-2, 3.33 × 10-1, 3. 33s-1). The FEM which is ABAQUS/CAE is used to simulate the bumper subsystem using the three selected steel. The outcome shows that ultimate tensile strength (UTS) increase with an increase in strain rate and high alloy steel (HAS) material has the maximum mean UTS. The FEM in the post -processing stage gives the minimum displacement and maximum strain energy for HAS material when compared to the other two materials. Finally, from both experimental and ABAQUS explicit analysis the result shows HAS material is better suit for the bumper beam application.