Crashworthiness Analysis of Short Fiber Reinforced Composite Bumper Beam Using Multiscale Modeling and FE Simulation

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Proceeding for American Society for Composites 33rd Technical Conference




In this work the crashworthiness response of a vehicle bumper beam made of short glass fiber reinforced composite was mainly investigated using multiscale material model and explicit time integration numerical technique. The matrix of the short glass fiber reinforced composite adopted for the bumper beam was a polyamide, i.e. a thermoplastic resin. Materials characterization was executed according to ASTM test procedures to verify the suitability of the material model and obtain the required characteristic data for FE model. For comparison purpose, reference material, steel, and CFRP were considered for FE simulations. FEM results showed that, based on equal bending stiffness criterion, the 30% glass polyamide based bumper beam exhibited the highest deceleration and least crashworthiness performance compared to the steel and CFRP bumper beams. On the other hand, result shows that CFRP composite beam has comparative performance with better energy absorption, weight saving, and gives reduced peak deceleration.