Performance of Thermally Radiating Fractal Extended Surfaces of Varying Cross-Section

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Proceedings of AIAA AVIATION 2014, 11th AIAA/ASME Joint Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, Atlanta, GA




The thermal performance of fractal fins with varying cross-sectional profiles thermally radiating to free space was computationally. The Sierpinski carpet fractal pattern was used to increase the surface area and decrease the system mass of extended surfaces used in waste heat rejections systems. Fin effectiveness per unit was used to quantify the thermal performance of the Sierpinski carpet extended surfaces of varying cross-sectional profile. The use of non-uniform cross-sectional profiles was found to increase the effectiveness per unit mass of Sierpinski carpet extended surfaces thermally radiating to free space. At higher order fractal irations the use of non-uniform cross-sectionsal profiles also resulted in an increase in fin efficieny. The utilizationsof the Sierpinski carpet fractal pattern in combination with a non-uniform cross-sectioanl profile results in a significant increase in fin effectivenss per unit mass when compared with traditionally employed longitudinal fins of rectangular profile.