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In this paper, we study restricted sum formulas involving alternating Euler sums which are defined by ζ(s1,…,sd;ε1,…,εd)=∑n1>⋯>nd≥1εn11⋯εnddns11⋯nsdd,

for all positive integers s 1,…,s d and ε 1=±1,…,ε d =±1 with (s 1,ε 1)≠(1,1). We call w=s 1+⋯+s d the weight and d the depth. When ε j =−1 we say the jth component is alternating. We first consider Euler sums of the following special type: ξ(2s1,…,2sd)=ζ(2s1,…,2sd;(−1)s1,…,(−1)sd).

For dn, let Ξ(2n,d) be the sum of all ξ(2s 1,…,2s d ) of fixed weight 2n and depth d. We derive a formula for Ξ(2n,d) using the theory of symmetric functions established by Hoffman recently. We also consider restricted sum formulas of Euler sums with fixed weight 2n, depth d and fixed number α of alternating components at even arguments. When α=1 or α=d, we can determine precisely the restricted sum formulas. For other α we only treat the cases d<5 completely since the symmetric function theory becomes more and more unwieldy to work with when α moves closer to d/2.


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