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Let s1,⋯,sd be d positive integers and define the multiple t-values of depth d byt(s1,⋯,sd)=∑n1>⋯>nd≥11(2n1−1)s1⋯(2nd−1)sd,which is equal to the multiple Hurwitz-zeta value 2−wζ(s1,⋯,sd;−12,⋯,−12) where w=s1+⋯+sd is called the weight. For d≤n, let T(2n,d) be the sum of all multiple t-values with even arguments whose weight is 2n and whose depth is d. In 2011, Shen and Cai gave formulas for T(2n,d) for d≤5 in terms of t(2n), t(2)t(2n−2) and t(4)t(2n−4). In this short note we generalize their results to arbitrary depth by using the theory of symmetric functions established by Hoffman (2012).


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