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K-8 Preservice Teachers’ Common Errors in Measurement Unit Conversion Problems

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K-8 preservice teachers (PSTs) in a mathematics content course have struggled with measurement unit conversion problems (MUCPs), especially two-dimensional MUCPs (e.g., 9 ft2 = __ yd2). Previous research has seldom reported on error analysis, task design, or instructional strategies regarding two-dimensional MUCPs. A few studies have investigated PSTs’ errors in one-dimensional MUCPs and interpreted possible causes as place value deficiency, lack of understanding of metric system measurement units, misconceptions about relationships between measurement units, and uncertain knowledge of ratio (Livy & Vale, 2011; Morris, 2001; Southwell & Penglase, 2005).

This study aims to investigate PSTs’ errors in both one- and two-dimensional MUCPs. Data includes test items of 38 PSTs enrolled in a Foundations of Data and Geometry course. PSTs’ error analysis will be shared along with their potential misconceptions.


Thirteenth Annual Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference


Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Eatonton, GA