Weighted Dagum-Weibull and Related Distributions with Applications to Lifetime Data

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A new class of weighted distributions, which we refer to as weighted Dagum-Weibull (WDW) and related distributions are proposed. Probability weighted moments (PWMs) of Dagum distribution are used in constructing this class of weighted distributions. This new class of distributions contains several weighted Dagum distributions such as length-biased Dagum-Weibull (LBDW), proportional hazard moment Dagum-Weibull (PHWDW), proportional reverse hazard moment Dagum-Weibull (PRHDW), length-biased Dagum-Rayleigh (LBDR), proportional hazard moment Dagum-Rayleigh (PHWDR), proportional reverse hazard moment Dagum-Rayleigh (PRHDR), length-biased Dagum-Exponential (LBDE), proportional hazard moment Dagum-Exponential (PHWDEXP), proportional reverse hazard moment Dagum-Exponential (PRHDE), Dagum-Weibull (DW), Dagum-Exponential (DE), and the parent Dagum distributions as special cases. Entropy and Fisher information of this class of weighted Dagum-Weibull distributions are derived. We estimate the model parameters via the maximum likelihood estimation procedure. Examples and comparison of the WDW distribution and its sub-models with the weighted generalized gamma, generalized gamma and generalized Lindley distributions are presented.


International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications (ICOSDA)


Mt. Pleasant, MI