Energy Flux Streamlines versus the Alternatives for the Visualization of Energy Coupling Inside and Outside the Surface of an Ensonified Spherical Acoustic Lens: Preliminary Results

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Energy flux streamlines yield certain advantages for the visualization of acoustical scattering processes. They give information about scattering angles, interaction with surfaces and scatterers, and can even show the relative intensity of the sound at a given location. However, the use of energy flux streamlines presents certain difficulties as well. Beyond the difficulty in calculating them, the use of the energy flux field presumes a complete solution of the sound scattering problem. Thus energy flux streamlines are usually descriptive rather than predictive. And while the set of streamlines can be chosen so as to show the relative intensities of the sound field, what works in one geometry will not necessarily work in another. Examples will be adduced illustrating these points and more.


Acoustical Society of America Annual Meeting (ASA)


Baltimore, MD