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Georgia Southern faculty members Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton, and John A. Rafter co-authored Maple V By Example, Second Edition.

Maple V By Example, Second Edition bridges the gap between the very elementary handbooks addressing Maple V and the reference books written for advanced Maple V users. Whereas the First Edition focuses on Release 2 of Maple V, the vehicle for the Second Edition is Maple V, Version 5. The new edition remains an appropriate reference for all users of Maple V but is of particular value to students, instructors, engineers, business persons, and other professionals first learning to use Maple V.

* Updated to be completely compatible with Maple V version 5
* Designed for Maple V beginners, as well as experienced users
*New applications from a variety of fields, with emphasis on biology, physics, and engineering, are included throughout the text
* Additional examples, especially in chapters one through seven, should make this edition even more useful to instructors, students, business people, engineers, and other professionals using Maple V
* Step-by-step instructions for all Maple V implementations

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Academic Press

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Maple V By Example
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